Este MacLeod: The Big Red Nose Day Interactive Art Project

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The launch of the libraries new programme of events ‘Saturday sessions’ in which the Library will host a cultural event one Saturday every month. The programme will be varied from local choirs, to artist demonstrations. We were excited to launch the events with a bang by hosting Este Macleod’s interactive community art project ‘The Big Red Nose Day Interactive Art Project’.

Este Macleod is a painter and applied artist, who distorts and simplifies recognisable everyday objects by including methods such as the layering of paint and a variety of scraping techniques. Este exhibits in the UK and abroad on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Her paintings and sculptures are in public and private collections around the world. (

Este’s project will happen between 1 and 15 March 2013 at various local locations. Participants are invited to make a painterly mark on two large square canvasses one canvas is for marks and doodles using paintbrushes, and the other one, in keeping with Comic relief’s spirit of silliness, is to be painted by the use of one’s nose! YES a blob of paint on the tip of the nose is to be applied to the canvas. (Wet wipes are available to aid with the clean up afterwards)

After the gathering of participants’ marks and doodles Este will complete the paintings by creating cohesion between marks, and finishing it to a professional stage. The paintings are to be revealed during the Reading Contemporary Art fair on 26 April. They will then go on a 6 month loan to the Circle hospital in Reading. If sold, a percentage of the sale will go to Comic relief.

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Art in the Library Fair

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After running Art in the Library for a year I decided that holding an Art Fair would be a great chance for past exhibitors to socialise with each other and sell some of their pieces. Throwing tea and cake into the mix lead to a packed library with a buzzy atmosphere.

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